After resting for the entire SEC Tournament, Jarred Vanderbilt is ready to play for Kentucky in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. While that may be the case, John Calipari isn’t so sure he’ll play him this weekend.

Vanderbilt has not played for the Wildcats since March 3rd after injuring his ankle. Based on Calipari’s comments on Monday, it doesn’t appear the freshman forward will be playing this weekend either — despite how much he may want to test his recovering injury.

“He knows if he’s not able to go (100 percent), I’m not playing him — for him or us,” Calipari said. “If he’s at 85-90 percent, I don’t think I’d play him… My guess would be, hard this weekend. He wants to play but I just don’t see it right now.”

(Video courtesy of KSTV_Sports)