John Calipari shared an important update for freshman 7-footer Aaron Bradshaw Monday evening.

Bradshaw, a former 5-star prospect, suffered a broken foot in the offseason, which slowed his development and transition to the college game. The Wildcats also saw an injury to Ugonna Onyenso and have run into an eligibility obstacle regarding incoming big man Zvonimir Ivisic.

Because of this, the Wildcats have started the season without a player on the court over 6-9.

But there is some positive news on the horizon. Calipari told reporters Monday that Bradshaw practiced at almost full strength and is showing progression. He is still unavailable for this week’s ACC/SEC Challege against the Miami Hurricanes, however, but this is a solid indication that he will return to the court soon.

Kentucky sits at 5-1 on the season, falling only to No. 1 Kansas (No. 1 at the time) in a close battle, 89-84. Miami will be Kentucky’s next legitimate challenge, as the Wildcats have yet to play another team of consequence to start the year apart from the Jayhawks.

Part of the fun surrounding Kentucky’s start has been the Wildcats’ ability to run in transition. The Wildcats shoot and make a lot of 3s, taking advantage of the ability to play smaller with quick, athletic guards on the floor. In terms of spacing, this Kentucky team has been a nightmare to face off against thus far.

There is a bit of a tradeoff, though. The Wildcats have also shown a struggle in transition defense, forcing every game they play to be a track meet.

We’ll see how (or if) that changes when Bradshaw eventually makes his way to the court.