John Calipari is excited about the future of his Kentucky Wildcats. The coach was recently talking about the future on his coach’s show, and couldn’t stop raving about the upcoming classes.

“We got another good group coming in next year,” Calipari explained. “Some of the ’25s, I’m feeling really, really good about.”

“This year, next year, the following year. You got really good players,” the coach continued. “And for some reason, as we get better and better, like, guys on the court, I seem to do better (at recruiting).”

The Wildcats currently have the No. 2 recruiting class for the 2024 cycle. Four commits, 2 5-stars and 2 4-stars, are locked in with Calipari so far.

As Calipari mentioned, his recruiting will only become more successful the better his team performs on the court. The No. 9 Wildcats are currently sitting at 8-2 with an impressive win over the North Carolina Tar Heels on their resune.