There’s been a bit of an offseason dust up between Kentucky coach John Calipari, and Louisville coach Chris Mack over the scheduling of the UK-UofL game this season. Most notably, Mack made a video where he derisively goes after Calipari over this year’s game being played before limited crowd or no spectators, while next year would return to normal.

The coaches have gone back and forth over the game, as Mack’s Twitter video responded to Calipari saying Kentucky had prepared a back-up option in case Louisville backed out of the contracted rivalry game this year because of concerns about having to play a home game in front of few or no fans during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, Calipari had his first meeting with the media since the Mack video was posted.

Calipari maintained that he didn’t watch the video, and someone told him, “there was a lot of whining on it.”

“He and I have talked since then,” Calipari said. “It never even came up. Guys that take shots, when you shoot arrows at me, they go through bazooka holes. They barely touch skin, they may not touch skin. So I don’t worry about all that.”

The UK coach then shifted the conversation.

“The biggest thing to me, like way bigger, I’ve got a good team,” Calipari said. “I just want to play. We have to get this underway in a safe way. We’ve all got to mitigate, we’ve all got to look after what we’re doing with our kids, wait a minute, and our staff, and our managers, because the virus is running us, we’re not running it. How do we mitigate all this stuff. So we’ve got to play. I’m saying if we’ve got to play on I-95, I’m good, let’s play.”