John Calipari had one of the worst seasons of his career last season for Kentucky as the Wildcats stumbled to a 9-16 record.

But the Kentucky coach is ready to turn the page on last season, and is excited about what kind of roster he has entering this season.

“I’m jacked about where we are,” Calipari said on a preseason Zoom call with reporters. “I’m moving on. I’m excited about coaching. That’s going to be a blip on the screen. That was painful for every one of us … and at this point, I’m not looking back. All I would say to everybody is I’m jacked about where we’re going.”

Calipari also revealed that he tested positive for COVID earlier this year. He said he had been vaccinated, and didn’t announce it because he didn’t want to cause people to be hesitant about getting the vaccine. His symptoms were mild, and COVID was why he did not make as many recruiting trips nor attend the NBA Draft, he said.

“Please,” Calipari said about vaccines. “It’s the best chance of protecting yourself.”

H/T Jerry Tipton and Kyle Tucker.