Shaedon Sharpe is a 5-star guard who is now on Kentucky’s campus and transitioning to being a part of the Wildcats program.

Sharpe graduated early from high school, and the plan for months has been that he would redshirt this season. Sharpe was believed to be a top NBA Draft prospect, but is not eligible for the 2022 draft because he didn’t graduate high school before the NBA season began.

Sharpe is from Glendale, Arizona (Dream City Christian) and is a 6-foot-5 and 185-pound shooting guard. He had a reported 15 offers when he committed to Kentucky on Sept. 7.

Coach John Calipari responded to a question on Friday about the possibility of Sharpe playing this season.

“He’s a ways away from playing games,” Calipari said. “It may be a year from now. They all know. I talked to them. We don’t have a plan for him to play this year. Maybe he does, but that is not the plan and never has been. Now I never said it because I wanted everybody to go crazy, all the other places. But the reality of it is we’ve never had a plan. If you ask me right now, my guess is he won’t play. But you don’t know what happens. We’ve had injury after injury, this happened, that happened, we’re down to 6, 7 guys. I may tell him ‘look, man, you’ve gotta go in 7 minutes a game. You’ve gotta play some.’ But my hope is we’re never there.”