John Calipari held a preseason press conference on Wednesday, one day after the Wildcats were picked by the media to win the SEC.

Calipari spoke about the kind of team he has this season, and a new nickname, at least to him.

“I’m having a ball every day I walk in,” Calipari said, and added that it’s nice to have some veterans. “Because I have a bunch of guys who want to be coached. Want to challenge each other.”

Calipari didn’t have much reaction to Kentucky being picked to win the league.

“That’s all good. We’ve got to play the games and see what happens. It’s a long season, let’s just hope we’re one of the last teams standing at the end.”

Although Calipari seemed to enjoy his nickname, Swaggy Cal, which is evidently new to him.

“Swaggy Cal,” he said. “Who says that? Everybody says that. They call me Swaggy Cal? Why don’t you tell my wife that’s what they call me. She would enjoy that.”

About last year’s disappointing season, Calipari called it a blip.

“We have not had a bad practice,” he said. “We go through seasons without a bad practice, and those are the teams that win 38, 35 games.”

H/T Ben Roberts, Jack Pilgrim.