ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden weighed in on one of the biggest hits in the NFL this season.

Speaking on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike, according to Pro Football Talk, Gruden said Trevathan made a “heck of a play,” when the linebacker and former Kentucky star landed a helmet-to-helmet hit on Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams on Thursday. Trevathan has since had a suspension dropped from two games to one.

Adams was taken off the field on a stretcher, and the game was delayed for about five minutes while medical personnel tended to Adams.

“I don’t want to see anybody get hurt,” Gruden said. “It was a vicious hit, but not to be politically correct, you’re supposed to run to the ball. We used to tell our receivers, if you want to run an inside breaking route, if you want to fight for yardage after the catch, you better be careful because these defensive players, they’re on the hunt.

“I think some of these receivers that are running these quick screens and these inside breaking RPOs [run/pass options], they need to get down, personally. I’m not blaming Davante Adams but I think there’s two ways to look at it. I’ve always coached energy, hustling, rushing to the pile, and if it is wiggling, you do hit it. Because guys are fighting for yardage, and sometimes you’ve got to give up the ball because of one inch. Inches matter.

“That’s why they measure first downs. That’s why they have a crew down there with those chains. So I’m a little sensitive. I thought Trevathan made a great play. Obviously, what he’s hitting, the surface, below the neck, all those things, I’m totally agreeing on. But I thought Trevathan made a heck of a play and unfortunately a man got hurt.”