One Kentucky basketball legend is openly questioning Wildcats John Calipari’s priorities as Wildcats hoops catch.

In a visit to Query & Schultz show on Fox Sports 1260 this week, UK great Kyle Macy touched on a number of Kentucky basketball topics. One comment getting a lot of attention is his response to Calipari’s comments that draft day is the greatest day for Wildcats basketball.

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“If you’re going to a university, ideally, it’s for an education,” Macy said, per Kentucky Sports Radio. “And I guarantee you there’s not a professor on any college campus that’s making anywhere near what the college basketball coach is making. And the mindset here in Kentucky, John Calipari will tell you that the greatest day in Kentucky basketball history for him is on draft day when all of his players are making millions of dollars and changing the lives of their families. To me, the greatest day of the year in your school’s history is winning a national championship for your athletic program.”

During the chat, Macy revealed that he doesn’t feel welcome around the UK program, which gives you some insight into his feelings toward Calipari. Every coach wants to win a national championship, but it’s understandable that Calipari referring to the draft as the greatest day is going to rub some of Big Blue Nation the wrong way. Pointing out Kentucky’s NBA Draft success, however, is likely critical to Calipari landing the recruits he needs to win another championship.

More quotes from Macy can be found here.