It’s been said many times before — never start celebrating a touchdown before you’re actually in the end zone. It can lead to a bad turn of events, like the ones Kentucky experienced on Saturday.

On the Wildcats’ first offensive play of the game against Ole Miss, senior running back Asim Rose broke off a 72-yard run. The problem? Well, it should have been a 75-yard touchdown run, but Rose started celebrating before reaching the end zone, throwing up a peace sign and then getting tackled down by Rebels defenders at the 3-yard line.

Rose then picked up 2 yards on his next carry to get down to the Ole Miss 1. However, the drive ended in a turnover as Rose then fumbled on his next attempt at trying to get into the end zone and the Rebels recovered.

It’s certainly not the way the Wildcats wanted their opening drive to go, especially as they were already trailing, 7-0, after the Rebels scored on their first possession.

Here’s how the turn of events unfolded for Rose and the Wildcats on this disappointing drive: