On Saturday, it was reported that the NBA would be moving the draft to Oct. 16 and would allow players a new window to declare.

Now, players can declare for the draft any time between now and Aug. 17, with the new deadline for withdrawing from the class set for Oct. 6.

How will that affect some key players? Well, now they all have more time to decide on the next step of their careers:

That, understandably, caught the attention of several Kentucky media members. That’s because transfer big man Olivier Sarr from Wake Forest is still waiting for the NCAA to rule if he has eligibility this coming season or not.

Sarr said he will go to the NBA Draft if he isn’t immediately eligible, and Kentucky media members worry that this later declaration deadline will cause the NCAA to rule he has to sit out a year:

The NCAA has been all over the place with eligibility rulings in recent years, so it’s still anyone’s guess whether Sarr will be able to play this coming season or not.