Kentucky men’s basketball on Friday unveiled a series of new uniforms ahead of next season.

They featured a series of white, blue and black jerseys, including some versions with chrome letters and numbers, as well as others with blue and white checkerboard patterns.

The Wildcats will try and bounce back from the shocking loss to St. Peter’s in the NCAA Tournament.

This week, coach John Calipari spoke with Paul Finebaum on the SEC Network, and discussed the state of the program.

“I think I got the best job in basketball, and I believe that,” John Calipari said, via A Sea of Blue. “I’ve had some opportunities to look and leave. But at the end of the day, you look at this situation, we have a chance to win it every year.

“Our recruiting, and again, Mitch (Barnhart) and I are meeting because my thing about it’s unacceptable if we’re not the gold standard in facilities and everything else. Not acceptable if Midnight Madness isn’t something that’s talked about for a month. Unacceptable. We need the campout going again.”

When talking about facilities he followed it up with this:

“We slipped a little bit in some of the facilities,” Calipari said. “Now, I’m not saying our facilities are bad. They’re not bad. It’s not the gold standard. Mitch and I are going to sit down and talk. Ok, what’s the path? How do we get that going to where anybody that walks in our campus and sees any facilities knows ‘wow, look at this!”