The Kentucky Wildcats are looking for a new quarterback after 2017 starter Stephen Johnson’s eligibility is now used up.

The former Wildcat had a rough college career, suffering a number of injuries and having surgery on both shoulders and one of his knees.

On Tuesday, he announced that he’d retire from football rather than pursue an NFL career, according to Kentucky Sports Radio:

“I am completely done with football,” Johnson said. “That is the big news. I really don’t have the fire or desire or drive to keep on playing it. To have these surgeries on top of it, it would shut my body down.”

Johnson was knocked out of the Music City Bowl loss to Northwestern on a hit that could have been flagged for being late. He said he’s still not happy about that:

“I was pissed,” Stephen said of the no-call. “I was definitely ticked off, just because I knew I didn’t have a throw so I tried to draw a foul…It ended up being at my cost.”

Johnson would have been a fringe NFL prospect anyway, but it’s still sad that the game has taken such a toll on him that he doesn’t want to pursue a chance to play professionally.

However, he’s making the choice that is best for him, and it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for him in life.