Explosive details from the March party that resulted in 6 Kentucky players facing burglary charges have emerged in a new report from WDRB Louisville. Reuben “RJ” Adams, Robert JuTahn McClain, Andru Phillips, Earnest Sanders IV, Devito Tisdale and Joel Williams all pleaded not guilty to burglary charges on Friday.

Three anonymous students are quoted in the WDRB report. The students detail conflicts with football players at fraternity parties.

One student says the trouble between the fraternity and the football player started a week before the March 7 incident cited in the burglary charges. Kentucky football players reportedly showed up to the frat’s party uninvited and did not respond well to being asked to leave.

“They said the guys who were telling them to leave were being racist, which is not the case,” a UK student told WDRB. “. . . We told them to leave because everyone was leaving and people live there and none of us knew them. They were saying we were kicking them out because they were Black, even though . . . we have Black members in our organization and there were Black students at the party. It wasn’t a racial thing, we just didn’t know them, they weren’t invited and it was 2 or 3 a.m. and we were all just going home, and that’s why people were leaving and getting in cars to go.”

The UK students told WDRB that a week later, a group of Wildcat football players showed up at another party and were denied entrance at the door.

“The group said they would be back with more people, and ‘strapped,’ one student remembered,” per the report.

A student who spoke WDRB says that he was trying to clear out the party when hearing of the threat. A group of football players returned, forcing the door open according to the unnamed student. Two students say the football players started physically attacking party-goers:

The student said the group of players, “just came in and started throwing punches at guys, girls, it did not matter who. They were just throwing punches to throw punches. I turned and made a barricade and got as many girls out of the house as I could before I ran through the house. I saw one of my friends pinned in a corner just getting unloaded on, with punches, just taking a brutal beating. There were just little scrums going on all over the house, lots of screaming, lots of everything. And I ran into a room and closed the door behind me and called the police.”

“It was like a drive-by,” another student told WDRB. “. . . There was a bunch of guys just running in, and Vito hit (a girl) in the face, and then pushed her up against the wall with his forearm, like kind of choking her. …

Devito “Vito” Tisdale was also charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree based for pointing a handgun at one of the victims. He pleaded not guilty on Friday. An unnamed student said Tisdale pointed the gun at him when he was outside the house:

“Vito pointed at me with the gun, then pointed it behind him back towards the house asking, ‘Are you with them?” . . . At the time my focus was solely getting the girls and driver out safe and that’s what I told him, ‘All I’m trying to do is get these girls home safe man it’s late.’ After about 5 seconds I just heard a, “Man, f— this dude,’ and the group sprinted up to the front door of the house and all I could hear was them trying to break in the door.”

The WDRB report states, “The students produced several photos they claim are of people who were bruised and beaten up at the party, and said they have provided those photos to authorities.”

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