A day after Kentucky QB Lynn Bowden Jr. turned in a sensational and memorable performance to lead the Wildcats to a Belk Bowl victory over Virginia Tech, he reported a car break-in that apparently happened before the game.

It was unclear what was stolen from Bowden’s car, but based on tweets, it appears that the items may have been from a Belk shopping outing, which is common for players in bowl games courtesy of title sponsors.

“To the people that broke in my car yesterday and stole everything we had in it before game God bless you, you gave me extra fuel for the game,” Bowden tweeted, then added this to the Belk Bowl official Twitter account, “can I redo my shopping they took all of it out the car.”

Bowden certainly played like he was motivated, and not just by the trash talking and apparent bad blood by the teams leading up to the game. Players from both sides had to be separated on the field before the game, after they reportedly got into a dust-up at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in the days leading up to the bowl on New Year’s Eve.

Bowden threw the game-winning touchdown pass with 15 seconds remaining, and rushed for 233 yards, which set a record for rushing yards by a quarterback in any bowl game.