Lynn Bowden won’t just have a new uniform to put on this season, he’ll have a new number, too.

The standout receiver/quarterback from Kentucky was selected in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Las Vegas Raiders a week ago and now the team is prepared to officially hand Bowden his number in the NFL.

Bowden will go from wearing No. 1 during his Kentucky career to No. 33 for the Raiders.

If you were unaware, receivers are not permitted to wear single-digit numbers, such as the No. 1 jersey, in the NFL. Single-digit numbers in the NFL are reserved for quarterbacks, kickers and punters.

Typically, receivers wear numbers 80-89 but Bowden has been assigned a unique number for the position in the NFL. Running backs and defensive backs are the positions usually given numbers in the 30s, which may cue fans into the role Bowden is scheduled to have in Jon Gruden’s offense.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock has stated Bowden will play the “joker” position for the Raiders, which includes Bowden lining up all over the field in the NFL.