On Wednesday, former Kentucky standout Lynn Bowden was linked to a concerning situation.

WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio reported Bowden was in handcuffs outside his house as the DEA and US Marshalls searched the house. Bowden’s mother took to social media to clarify that her son had not been arrested and it was not his residence. Kentucky reporter Kyle Tucker of The Athletic noted that the house is officially listed as belonging to Bowden’s grandmother with 15 residents. Lynn is listed as a former resident.

Later, Bowden’s agency, Element Sports Group, issued a statement clarifying why reporters observed Bowden in handcuffs at the home:

“This morning, a house belonging to a family member of our client, Lynn Bowden Jr., was searched by the DEA in Youngstown, Ohio. Lynn and his young son were guests at the home. During the process, authorities handcuffed all who were present to secure the area. Lynn fully cooperated with law enforcement during the search. At the conclusion of the search, Lynn was released, not arrested and not charged with any crime. In fact, no arrests were made.”

WKBN’s updated report states that “agents recovered a number of long guns, some described as ‘assault weapons,’ and handguns from the home.”

Bowden was selected No. 80 overall in this year’s NFL Draft by the Las Vegas Raiders. Cats and Raiders fans alike are surely relieved that it appears Bowden isn’t in trouble with the law.