Lynn Bowden signed at Kentucky as one of the nation’s top athletes, and he had a smooth transition to wide receiver early in his career. Bowden then transitioned to quarterback once Terry Wilson went down with a season-ending injury.

And teams still couldn’t stop it, despite knowing he’s running 90 percent of the time. That’s remarkable.

The Las Vegas Raiders turned heads earlier this year when they said they had drafted Bowden to be a running back, a position he didn’t play in college.

It sounds like Bowden’s role with the Raiders won’t be too much different from Kentucky either, even playing some quarterback — make plays. Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson spoke with reporters Tuesday about Bowden’s potential role.

“Right now, we have him working out of the running backs room,” Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson told reporters Tuesday. “He’s meeting with Kirby Wilson, the running backs coach, but also he’s had to learn a lot of things that we do at the quarterback position.”

Bowden could be a weapon in the use of RPOs in the NFL at the quarterback position.

“You see the game changing from year to year, the use of the RPOs and the use of the Taysom Hills, those type of players that played the RPO-style offense in college, they become valuable,” Olson said.

It’ll be fun to watch Bowden’s NFL career play out, especially on an offense like the Raiders.