Kentucky held its first scrimmage of fall camp on Saturday. According to Wildcats coach Mark Stoops, the offense had its share of positives while the defense struggled overall.

“The scrimmage, I think, was just OK,” Stoops said. “We have a lot of work to do. Really pleased with the offense. Offensively I thought we really played and did some good things. Things that set us back were some typical mistakes, things that have hurt us in the past. We’ve gotta get those corrected. Getting behind the chains, penalties, we were sloppy that way. We did take care of the football, but any time we got behind the chains with a sack or anything, negative yardage plays, it was hard to overcome. But overall they did some good things.”

Putting the offense behind the chains sounds like the defense did well at times, but Stoops, a former defensive coordinator, appears to hold the unit to a higher standard. He was particularly disappointed with the team’s strength.

“Defensively, got a lot of work to do. I was disappointed with the strength of our team,” Stoops said. “The inexperience is no excuse, but you know you’re going to make some mistakes and some things are going to happen. But the strength of our team needs to be the strength. Today I just didn’t feel like we were up to the challenge defensively. That’s disappointing. But fortunately, we have a lot of time left to get some things rectified.”

More comments from the Kentucky head coach can be heard in the video below: