The quarterback situation at Kentucky continues to evolve, both from a playbook standpoint with Lynn Bowden offering new wrinkles each week, and Sawyer Smith’s health and recovery from injury.

“There is a lot to it, obviously his athleticism but the most important thing is his football instincts and his Football IQ,” Stoops said of the converted wide receiver on the SEC media teleconference. “He is a very intelligent guy and understands how it all works, he sees things and picks up things very quickly. That has given us the ability to be fairly multiple with him at quarterback, he can do a lot of things. I think that’s really helped us.”

UK has beaten Arkansas and Missouri with Bowden at quarterback as the playbook seems to expand each week.

Smith has been out for about a month and was given a second bye week last week to recover from injury ahead of this week’s game with Tennessee.

“Sawyer is back. He is as good as he’s been in a while,” Stoops said. “I feel good about him, his ability to throw it well. He is getting some of the accuracy back and the velocity on the football. He is as good as he has been in awhile.”