The Kentucky Wildcats relied a lot on RB Benny Snell Jr. last season, and for good reason. He was one of the best running backs in SEC history.

However, QB Terry Wilson struggled at times during his first year at the helm of the offense. With no Snell in 2019, Wilson will need to improve.

On Thursday at SEC Media Days, coach Mark Stoops discussed areas he wants to see Wilson improve this fall (via ASAPSports):

Q. Coach, what are some of those areas you’d like to see Terry Wilson improve upon and what have you talked about him in the offseason?
MARK STOOPS: If you really go back and study, Terry really did a nice job and our coaches did a great job, Darin Hinshaw spent a lot of time with him, when you really have time to go back and break down everything, there were a lot of plays we left on the field just by the basic fundamentals. And those areas will those help him alone, just fundamentally getting his proper alignments, fundamentally looking at the proper reads, starting with the proper reads.

And then the system, just understanding the system and making sure we as coaches are putting him in a position to be successful, what he’s comfortable at. And then also getting better around him, putting pressure and getting some explosive wide receivers and guys that can make plays for him.

Wilson threw for 1,889 yards, 11 touchdowns and eight interceptions last year. He also added 547 yards and four touchdowns as a runner.

If he’s able to improve on those numbers and become more reliable, Kentucky might not have the drop-off from 10 wins that many are expecting.