It’s a possibility that not every team that receives a bowl invitation this year will accept. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the season, and there’s a chance some teams won’t want to travel far or play an extra game this season.

Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops said during his Monday press conference that his team will make a decision on whether it wants to play in a potential bowl game as a group in the near future. But as for him, he has interest in leading the Wildcats into an extra game to cap off the 2020 campaign.

“The biggest thing would be the mindset of our team and to make sure that they would be all in and want to do that,” Stoops told the media. “I certainly would want to and I think our staff would and our administration. There’s going to be a lot of teams playing in bowl games with three and four wins and so we need to win this [final regular-season] game, that’s for sure. …

“I definitely don’t want to go in there half-hearted, I want to go in with an all-in mentality and ready to play and compete.”

Before a potential bowl game, Kentucky is wrapping up its regular season this Saturday when it hosts South Carolina. The Wildcats have lost four of their past five games to fall to 3-6, so they’ll be looking to end on a positive note and build momentum toward a potential bowl.

It will also be the final home game for Kentucky senior quarterback Terry Wilson, who has been a key part of the program in recent years. After coming back from a torn left patellar tendon that sidelined him for most of 2019, Wilson has passed for 894 yards and seven touchdowns and rushed for 364 yards and four scores this season.

On Monday, Stoops discussed the impact that Wilson has had on his team the past several years.

“He did everything he could for this program,” Stoops said. “He’s a young man that helped us win 10 games [in 2018], there’s no taking that away from him. … He’s a guy that laid it all out on the line for his team each and every week. None of are perfect, that’s a hard position to play. He came back from a very serious injury and he gave it everything he has, and I greatly appreciate that.”

Kentucky and South Carolina are set to kick off at 7:30 p.m. ET on Saturday on SEC Network.