Not much seemed to go right for Kentucky last week in a loss to Missouri, which snapped Kentucky’s five-game winning streak in the series.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops shared on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday that several areas went wrong last week, and he emphasized to his players the importance of preparing through the week.

“I can’t point to any one area I think that’s hard, I think you get a gut feeling. And, if you’re feeling that the day the game it’s too late,” Stoops said. “You know, we try to motivate and and be prepared throughout the week I talked to our players about that weekly, you know about everybody wants to win on Saturday, it’s about how you want to win on Monday, Tuesday and so on. We talked about that and we talked about that where our preparation and it’s a credit to Missouri.”

The way the schedule played out for the Tigers was a factor.

“I think Eli (Drinkwitz) was sitting there with a week off, they came off a victory against LSU with a week off and were tired of hearing about us beating them, and they took it to us,” Stoops said. “I think you have to credit what they did and we did not match the intensity, and they know that, begins and ends with me, getting the team ready to play and you know when when you play Kentucky I want, I want you to play an energetic tough physical team and we may when we may lose but we’re I’m playing a game the right way and I didn’t feel like we did Saturday and that’s a disappointment and that’s a direct reflection of myself.”

As for the Kentucky quarterback situation for the Georgia game this week, Stoops said the decision between Joey Gatewood and Terry Wilson is still unknown.

“We don’t know where it will go, big indicator will be how Terry feels today,” Stoops said.