Mark Stoops lamented Kentucky’s loss at Ole Miss, and spoke about Will Levis’ play after the game, along with some overall comments about the team being heartbroken.

“With this structure, there were times he was looking to hold the ball a little bit,” Stoops said of Levis. “You watch tape, and it’ll be easy once you watch the tape to say, ‘Hey, you could have went with the ball here, now, or there.’ But for him there’s a lot of moving pieces, lot going on. He’s playing very good football. If we get our guys set, he throws a dime and we win the game, and everybody’s saying ‘Wow, pretty impressive.’ To lead us back on 2 drives late in the game there.”

Overall, Stoops said the Cats played extremely “hard, tough and resilient,” but simply were “not very clean” in the loss.

Despite the mistakes, no one flinched on the UK sideline.

Stoops also talked about Barion Brown’s heroics on special teams.