Even when QB Sawyer Smith returns, Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said the Lynn Bowden part of the offense is largely here to stay.

“He has done a remarkable job, the thing that has gone undervalued is all he has done… he has done a good job of directing our offense,” Stoops said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “Eddie Gran and our coaches have done a good job of gameplanning, putting in some deception, some reads, that’s really helped us.”

The coach has hinted for several weeks at what changes may be coming whenever both quarterbacks are healthy. But Smith has been out since the South Carolina game on Sept. 28, and Kentucky is in another bye week this week. The Wildcats play Tennessee on Nov. 9.

Will he stay at QB? “You never know,” Stoops said. “Sawyer Smith is coming back, has plenty of zip on the ball…. you never know, we will keep some packages for Lynn if we need to.”

UK has beaten Arkansas and Missouri with Bowden at quarterback as Smith has dealt with shoulder and wrist injuries since he took over for Terry Wilson, who is out for the season.