Kentucky’s season has evolved into one where the offense is getting increasingly creative behind converted wide receiver Lynn Bowden as injured backup QB Sawyer Smith heals.

Now that the Wildcats beat Arkansas, coach Mark Stoops said the experience Bowden got gives the coaching staff the ability to expand the game plan.

“We’ll have the ability to go this week with either plan,” Stoops said on his radio show Monday night.

Later in the show, Stoops mentioned how UK controlled the time of possession against Arkansas, 37:11 to 22:49. UK rushed for 330 yards against Arkansas.

“That takes a toll on a defense,” Stoops said. “I’m quite sure it helped us in the second half, and helped our defense in the second half.”

The competition ramps up considerably this week when the Wildcats travel to Georgia.

“They’re a top 5 team, I know they’re ranked 10th right now, but believe me by the end of the year, it’s a good chance they’ll be back up there,” Stoops said. “They’re very, very talented and very well coached. Electric guys across the board, to be honest with you. As deep as I’ve seen at running back. … Jake Fromm is very, very accurate. They didn’t play their best game this last week. … It’s very difficult for any team to play good 12 games in a row. Usually, teams like that they’re so talented they can’t overcome it.”