Mark Stoops said Monday that punter Colin Goodfellow would be out for the season following an injury suffered at Missouri when a bad snap led to a roughing the punter penalty.

The injury happened with 2:25 remaining in the game, which Kentucky later won, when a snap went over Goodfellow’s head, he then tracked down the ball and took a hard hit as he punted the ball away.

The Tigers’ Will Norris closed in, and was flagged for roughing the punter. Goodfellow was taken off the field on a cart, as he needed help getting to the cart. The penalty came with an automatic first down. It was explained on the SEC Network broadcast that because Goodfellow stayed inside the tackle box, he was still considered a punter and therefore the rule applied.

Stoops told reporters that it was sad, but he feels good that fans have supported Goodfellow since the injury.