Kentucky has been solid in the run game so far this season, but Mark Stoops wants to see his passing game carry the load a little more.

The Wildcats had just 69 passing yards on Saturday against Kentucky, and that kind of production won’t cut it when they face Georgia on Saturday.

For Stoops, it starts with getting some of his wide receivers more developed.

“I think we’re going to have to bring Anthony Brown along, and Dekel (Cowdus),” Stoops said in his press conference on Monday. “I mentioned Dekel earlier cause he’s shown flashes and he’s really worked hard. Opportunities are tough when we’re in these big games. He’s a guy that I have trust in and he’s worked hard and hopefully he’s going to continue to step up as well.”

But Stoops also knows that he can’t over-coach too much. Some things have to happen naturally, like all of the skill position players getting on the same page.

“I think you saw some improvement in that area, for instance Barion (Brown) caught a 7 or 8 yard hitch, turn, press upfield, finish the play, get the first down instead of coming up a half-yard short,” Stoops said. “That’s an improvement. Some guys finishing catches, I don’t think we need to over-coach that or over-analyze that. These are good players that work hard, that care. I think it’s quite obvious that we need to continue to work as a group, not just as any individual player, but with the quarterbacks, tight ends, backs, receivers, all getting on the same page and executing at a higher level.”

Kentucky will see one of the best defenses in the country on Saturday in Georgia. While the Wildcats will depend heavily on the run game, which got them 329 yards on Saturday, Stoops hopes to see his passing game step up against the Bulldogs.