Over the course of their histories, the football programs at Kentucky and Tennessee don’t have a lot in common. But in recent years, there are more similarities than differences.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops shared his thoughts on the re-builds on the SEC coaches media teleconference.

“It’s been well documented through the years we’ve tried to become more physical and recruit, you know, longer more physical players on both sides of the ball and and work hard at developing them,” Stoops said. “You can certainly see that in Tennessee, they recruited a very high level and it worked.”

About his quarterbacks, Stoops said Terry Wilson has progressed, even though last week was sub-par.

“Well, he is better, that doesn’t mean each and every game I mean, this past week, definitely wasn’t one of his stronger performances so hopefully bounce back in and have a complete game here this week but but overall he’s more experienced he understands the offense,” Stoops said. “We have to help him in certain situations is stepping up at wide receiver and giving them some protection.”

While Wilson remains the starter, Stoops is impressed with Auburn transfer Joey Gatewood.

“You can see the talent… he has the arm to put the ball anywhere on the field and we will see where it goes,” Stoops said. “Terry is our starter, we need Terry to have a big game here… both the QBs are progressing behind Terry.”