Former Kentucky star Randall Cobb had a big game for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night, catching nine passes for 108 yards.

The ex-Wildcat also clinched a Packers’ victory with a late catch for a first down, but he paid the price in the form of a crushing hit from former Alabama DB Landon Collins.

Cobb said he definitely doesn’t want to meet up with Collins like that again:

“Got folded up like a lawn chair,” Cobb said, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I laid there for a second. Then I turned over and, like, I had 15 faces in front of me. So I thought I had died or something. They kind of scared me more than anything. Yeah, I took a shot, and it hurt, but whenever I saw everybody standing around me, I thought I had died. And then I felt, I saw I could move my fingers and my feet. So I knew it was all right.”

The Packers held on for a 23-16 victory and improved to 3-1 on the season, thanks in large part to Cobb’s efforts.