How happy is Randall Cobb to be back in Green Bay?

One of his Packer teammates thought the receiver looked so relieved, it looked like Cobb just got out of prison.

Based on that comment, playing for the Houston Texans must be pretty brutal.

If you missed the news, Green Bay traded for Cobb this week after star quarterback Aaron Rodgers urged the team to do so. The two players played nine seasons together in Green Bay prior to Cobb leaving to play one season for the Dallas Cowboys and one season for the Texans.

Cobb met with the media on Thursday to discuss how happy he was to be a Packer once again.

“I can breathe again. I’ve seen the other side,” Cobb said in the clip below. “I’m excited to be back here and I’m smiling. One of my teammates said, ‘You look like you just got out of prison.’ I said, ‘Well…’ I’m very, very excited to be here.”

“Cobb then compared Green Bay to a Fortune 500 company and Houston to a start-up that’s continuing to find its way. Keep in mind, the Texans have been playing in the NFL since 2002.”

Check out Cobb’s full comments below.