Cristian Conyer’s commitment on Sunday to Tennessee over Kentucky re-ignited an ongoing debate in recruiting circles in the name, image and likeness era.

At issue is whether each program is on equal footing in terms of resources and priorities with recruiting and player compensation.

Matt Jones, a well-known media personality among the Kentucky fan base, shared his extensive thoughts with several tweets on Sunday about the Wildcats being behind in the NIL era. Jones questioned athletics director Mitch Barnhart’s leadership in the NIL area, as it relates to resources directed toward recruits, and then by extension, assistant coaches and staff.

Russell Smith, a Knoxville radio host on Fox Sports Knoxville, shared a tongue-in-cheek reaction about being on either side of a recruit’s commitment.

“When a recruit picks your school, his decision is always based on the rich tradition of your program, effort of your coaches and the excellent education your school offers. But when recruits pick a rival school…they just bought him!”

Here’s a sampling of some of the reaction: