Rich Scangarello came to Kentucky from the NFL, and as the Wildcats’ offensive coordinator, he had a unique perspective on the game plan and execution of the upset win at Florida.

Scangarello most recently coached in the NFL with the 49ers, but has 7 years overall of NFL experience.

Scangarello told reporters that he’s in no hurry to be a head coach because his favorite thing in the world is coordinating.

“It’s fun, the strategy of it, getting guys to buy in,” he said. “Seeing them go make it come alive, the euphoria after the game. It was probably as good a feeling as I’ve had coaching that I can remember. Quite honestly, it’s just different in the SEC than the NFL. It was a cool feeling, it really was a special feeling. I was really happy for coach, the situation, the players, it was fun to be a part of.”