Scott Satterfield took over as the Louisville head coach last year and got a rude awakening to the Kentucky rivalry, losing 45-13 to the Wildcats to end the regular season.

However, he knows it’s an important game for the Cardinals, so even as the ACC considers a conference-only schedule, he’d like to play the Wildcats.

On Monday, Satterfield even went as far as to avoid saying “Kentucky” or “Wildcats” while talking about the game (per Kentucky Sports Radio):

“We want to play that football game,” Satterfield said Monday. “It’s a great rivalry game and one we look forward to every year. I hope we play the game and there’s no question about it. If our schedule does get tweaked a little bit and we play some conference games, hopefully we can squeeze another game to play the guys down in Lexington. We are like everybody else just sitting, waiting and see what happens.”

Will Satterfield’s squad fare better in 2020 against the Wildcats? Or, did he just give Louisville’s rivals some bulletin-board material?

We’ll see what happens if and when the 2 in-state rivals meet again.