The Pittsburgh Steelers have a pair of former Kentucky standouts on their roster in RB Benny Snell Jr. and EDGE Bud Dupree.

Dupree is a rising star, while Snell ran for 426 yards and 2 touchdowns as a rookie in 2019.

On Monday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin appeared on the “Coffee With Cal” Facebook Live series with Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari. Tomlin praised Snell’s toughness at Kentucky and said he hopes Snell has a bigger role for the Steelers this fall (via 247Sports):

“Benny is a tough-minded kid, he’s a competitor. I think that’s the thing that attracted me to him when he was down there doing it for your Wildcats. I watched that guy tote that load and beat the Gators. And I understand how tough those SEC wins are,” Tomlin said. “For a guy in that position, it just spoke about his football character, his toughness, and he’s displayed that since he’s been with us. Working his tail off and I’m excited about year two. You know how it is. You’ve been a lap around the track, you know how the ground is laid, he had some contributions to us a year ago and [we hope he] continues to take off and be a big-time guy for us.”

How will Snell fare in his second season this fall? We’ll see if he can make an even bigger impact in Pittsburgh.