When Terry Wilson emerged for the Wildcats early last season, he was hailed as a game-changing player. Midway into his first season as the starter in Lexington, some had already shifted toward believing he was a liability holding back the Kentucky offense.

It’s wild how quickly that perspective changed for some but we may now know why that happened — Wilson was injured for much of the season.

That’s according to the quarterback, who recently had a sit-down video interview with Big Blue Insider, which has been posted to YouTube. During the interview, Wilson notes that he was injured during Kentucky’s game against Mississippi State.

“It was late in the game, I think fourth quarter, I dropped back, had some pressure coming and I had gotten sacked and (offensive lineman) Bunchy (Stallings) fell on my right leg. My knee just did something silly,” Wilson revealed in the interview. “I was on the ground like, ‘Man.’ I wasn’t thinking anything about it, my adrenaline was running so I get up, I’m like, ‘Alright, it’s going to be a little sore.'”

Soon after suffering the injury, Wilson said he could not press off his right leg andĀ couldn’t walk the next day. The injury was tough to deal with both physically and mentally for the first-year Kentucky starter.

“It was messing with me mentally, I wasn’t trying to think about it too much because I knew I had a job to go out there and do for the team,” Wilson added.

When did his leg finally heal up?

“Probably (going into) Middle Tennessee,” Wilson answered, referring to Kentucky’s Nov. 17 win over MTSU. “It’s always great when your body is feeling good and you don’t have any bumps and bruises. I mean, there were points when I was getting out of bed and my shoulders are hurting, can’t even move and stuff like that but going into that week, I felt fresh again. I was getting my confidence back. I was just being me.”

If his timeline of events for his injury is accurate, it would explain a dip in production Wilson had last season.

In the six games Wilson played injury free, he threw for 895 yards with six touchdowns and rushed for 358 yards and three scores. In the seven games he was affected by injury, Wilson passed for 994 yards and five scores, but more importantly, only rushed for 189 yards and a single touchdown.