If Tim Tebow makes the final roster in Jacksonville, the SEC Network is going to have an open analyst slot for the coming football season.

Who should replace Tebow on the network?

Former Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel stated his case on the latest episode of the Saturday Down South Podcast.

“Why I should replace Tim Tebow on SEC Nation … Well, I’m a guy that knows football inside and out. I am a football junkie. Even though I haven’t played in almost 2 years, I still try to watch as much film as I can on dudes that are in college or in the league. I can’t even watch a game without watching it like I’m watching film,” Daniel said. “I’m always paying attention to everyone’s techniques, especially the linebackers, but in order to work at SEC Nation, you have to look at more than just the linebackers.

“I have great charisma. I have a great knack in front of the camera. I get along well with people. We can roll ideas off each other well, especially if I’m around somebody as creative as the people at SEC Network with Alyssa Lang, Marty Smith, Ryan McGee, the list goes on. They’ve got some great people there at SEC Network and it would be an unbelievable opportunity. I would enjoy going to work every day. It wouldn’t even feel like work to me. I’d just be going in there and talking about things I love.” Daniel continued.

“I’m an SEC boy at heart. I’m from Kentucky so I’ve always rooted for every SEC team. It was kinda hard to see who I wanted to win in the College World Series, actually, just because it was Vandy and Mississippi State, and Mississippi State has those cowbells that I’m pretty sure I still have PTSD from,” Daniel said. “But at the end of the day, the SEC schools got it done. I just love seeing SEC football, baseball, track, tennis, whatever it is, I’m all about the SEC. I would have a fun time with the people down at SEC Network.”

What do you think, would you like to see Daniel get a shot at a job with the SEC Network?