The Kentucky Wildcats held their second scrimmage of the week Saturday in Commonwealth Stadium, just days after head coach Mark Stoops told the media a decision regarding the starting quarterback would come “in the next week.”

The passing game was apparently on display in Saturday’s scrimmage, based on comments offensive coordinator Neal Brown made in a Kentucky Football Practice Report.

“I wanted to see where we are with the quarterbacks,” Brown said. “I wanted to see where we are as far as the receivers getting open. We did some good things. We got some growth to make in that area for sure and I think that’s going to be a big part of us improving on third downs: being able to protect, throw and catch.”

Brown has kept his evaluation of the quarterback competition close to the vest throughout fall camp, but he did let the media in on what he’ll be looking for in his starting quarterback.

“I want to see who manages our tempo,” Brown said. “There’s a lot of things that go into that … Different quarterbacks operate our offense different as far as how quick they get the signal, communicate it with the O-line and those type of things. I want to see who makes the best decision, especially on crucial downs, third downs. And I want to see who’s most accurate.”

Stoops didn’t let the media in on his thought process regarding the quarterback competition either, reiterating that he wouldn’t rush to a decision. He also didn’t change the timetable he set on Wednesday, meaning an evaluation of Saturday’s scrimmage could lead to a decision in the coming days.