The Kentucky Wildcats got some great news this week, as associate head coach Vince Marrow decided not to go to Michigan State and will instead remain in Lexington.

Despite being close with new Michigan State coach Mel Tucker, Marrow decided he wanted to stay with the Wildcats.

On Saturday, he held a press conference to explain his decision (via 247Sports):

On how close he is with Mel Tucker and how hard it was to turn him down: “It was very, very hard. We’re very close. It was very hard. But I’m also close to the redheaded guy (Mark Stoops) and we grew up together. It was just hard. I can’t put it another way. He really wanted me and they really, really made an effort. It was just hard the last three days. You get money and a raise, but I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Especially when it’s two friends. Now I know how recruits feel when they’re down to two schools… I’ve just gotta say the eight-year span here really meant something here. That really played a big part, and our administration. I’m not just throwing that out there.”

Stoops and the Wildcats will love having Marrow around in 2020 and beyond.

You can see more from Marrow’s press conference here.