Listen up, aspiring college coaches, Vince Marrow has some advice for you. If you plan on being on a diet come recruiting season, all that will go right out the window once you start hitting the road for home visits.

Marrow got to meet with Kentucky reporters on Thursday following the Wildcats Early Signing Period press conference and the assistant coach shared a hilarious story regarding why he puts on so much weight this time of year.

“We eat meals in everyone at them places and you get to the third place man you on your third home visit and they bring out a full course meal you like, ‘I think I’m, I’m on a diet,’ or something like that or you know I take a little salad but you already ate like three, four pieces of chicken, had spaghetti at the house,” Marrow said. “So, if you ever want to look at me, where I seem to pick up weight is right around recruiting time. And then I gotta drop it when I get off recruitment so but that’s his honor and a blessing going to these people home. That’s the best part of it’s like Christmas to me you go meet a lot of different people need a family’s going home this guy should try that one day is very unique.”

Needless to say, the diet starts back up for Kentucky’s associate head coach this weekend.