SEC Network analyst Roman Harper isn’t backing away from his take about Kentucky’s toughness. Vince Marrow still isn’t having it.

Ahead of the Kentucky-Florida game, Harper predicted Florida to win, citing the battle in the trenches. In an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Harper said the Wildcats looked like the softer team. Marrow, along with the rest of BBN, objected to Harper’s take.

Kentucky defeated Florida by double digits on the road (26-16), but Harper stood by his take Friday during his “Finebaum” appearance:

“My opinion still really has not changed from my first take,” Harper said. “I thought Kentucky played well, I thought Florida helped them out a lot. But Kentucky was more mentally tough and outperformed them. … I still don’t think they’re that great offensive line-wise up front. I still don’t think they’re pushing guys around from what I’m used to seeing from a Kentucky team. I’m just being honest. I thought they found a really nice weak spot in Florida’s defense, which was recreating the edges. I do give the Kentucky players and the coaches credit because they didn’t take it personally when I said that.”

Marrow got word of Harper’s latest comments. Once again, Marrow responded via Twitter without naming Harper directly.

Harper might be public enemy No. 1 among Kentucky coaches, players and fans.