Kentucky assistant head coach Vince Marrow has never shied away from sharing his thoughts, especially when it comes to hyping up his program.

So, after an impressive performance in the 2021 NFL Draft, in which LB Jamin Davis was selected in Round 1 and 5 other Wildcats heard their names called, Marrow took a victory lap.

During an appearance on WLAP’s “Sunday Morning Sports Talk,” Marrow even went as far as to call out other schools for not producing similar draft talent (via Kentucky Sports Radio):

“There are some players at other schools around here, you guys can do the riddle, throwing out that we don’t put these guys in the NFL, sending em these fake ‘you’re going to get drafted today’ (graphics) and they ain’t even had a kid drafted in the last couple years. You wanna leave this state and go somewhere else, when you look in your backyard the proof is in the pudding right here. We ain’t stopped. You look on the recruiting trail, whether it’s defensive players or offensive players, now getting Liam (Coen) with this new offense I really do believe Kentucky is going to be one of the top ten places to be because we’re in the best conference in the country,” he continued.

“If you’re an in-state kid or a kid that’s in a 6-hour radius, you’d be crazy (not to come here), that’s all I’m gonna say. All you gotta do is look at the product and look at what’s happening. Don’t look at that fake stuff, people telling you pipe dreams, and then you get to that place and it’s, ‘Man, they just sold me a bad car.’ It’s like a used car salesman that went south. That’s my philosophy on that. Our product now speaks for itself.”

We won’t speculate on which program or programs Marrow is calling out for not producing draft talent. We’ll let Kentucky fans sort that out. That’s where the fun is, of course!