Wan’Dale Robinson came to Kentucky for the 2021 season after starting his college career at Nebraska.

The talented wide receiver had a fantastic year with the Wildcats, recording 104 catches for 1,334 yards and 7 touchdowns.

As Robinson prepares for the 2022 NFL Draft, he was asked about the differences between the Big Ten and SEC. As you can see below, he said the speed is simply different between the 2 leagues:

“The speed. Definitely the speed,” Robinson said. “You just see the athletes that are out there on the field every week. You can’t take anybody lightly. In the Big Ten it’s just kind of — everybody’s in a loaded box, I feel like. Except for some teams, you’re going to spread out a little bit, but in the SEC everybody’s fast and everybody can run.”

“SEC speed” is something you hear discussed from time to time. It seems Robinson has bought into that narrative, and he certainly has plenty of experience in both leagues!