Kentucky’s offensive leader and quarterback Terry Wilson went down with an injury in the fourth quarter of the Eastern Michigan game.

Wilson, who has played pretty well (shaky at times) through two games, injured his knee on a brutal horse-collar tackle. Stoops told the media after the game that Wilson will have an MRI Sunday to determine the severity.

However, video has emerged from Stoops’ postgame handshake with Eastern Michigan coach Chris Creighton, and he says, “My guy is out for the year.”

Stoops was asked about his on-field comment during the post-game presser, and he opened up a little bit more.

“Maybe we shouldn’t let TV on the field after the game,” Stoops said. “It looks like — I’m not sure. I hate to put that out there right now until we get a look at it. I think you all know it didn’t look good. Anybody that gets carted off on a cart like that, and put his knee it that deal… it doesn’t look good, right? We’ll wait until we get the MRI tomorrow.”

With Terry Wilson’s status uncertain, the attention turns to Troy graduate transfer Sawyer Smith. Smith threw two touchdowns Saturday night.