Will Levis and the Kentucky Wildcats have high hopes for the 2022 season after posting 10 wins in 2021.

Even with the star quarterback returning, though, there are some fans worried about legal issues surrounding RB Chris Rodriguez, the loss of star WR Wan’Dale Robinson and others to the NFL and a perceived lack of senior leadership on the team.

However, during “Pardon My Take’s” takeover of Kentucky Sports Radio this week, Levis said worried fans need to relax and trust in coach Mark Stoops (via On3 Sports):

“I think everyone just needs to take a chill pill and let the guys do what we’ve been doing. Obviously Coach Stoops, since he has brought the program to where it is, we’ve been able to bring it to a new level. We’re just trying to increase that standard,” he said. “We’re coming in every day to make sure that everything that we do is in line with that standard. It has worked so far. As long as we keep working the way that we have been, then things are all gonna work out.”

Levis said the Wildcats will continue to be motivated by those who doubt them:

“The fans who say that we’re not going to be as good as last year, that we’re lacking leadership from a senior standpoint. I’m definitely going to be stepping in and making sure I’m the guy for the team,” he said. “We definitely have other guys that can do that. But, hey, motivation, especially from our fans who are doubting us, is as much motivation that we can get.”

Can Kentucky keep the good times going in 2022? Levis is going to do all he can to keep the Wildcats in the mix for 10 wins.