Will Levis was waiting for his chance to put the “cannon” on full display for NFL teams. That moment came Saturday during the NFL Combine, and he stepped to the field with all eyes on him in Lucas Oil Stadium.

Levis was a part of the first quarterback group to throw in Indianapolis, and there is no denying the focus on Levis’ performance inside the stadium. The NFL Network broadcast noted other groups of players and analysts stopped what they were doing each time Levis took his turn throwing.

It was most noticeable when Levis took his turns airing it out in the deep-ball portion of the drills:

“This guy Will Levis, there was in fact a noticeable buzz in the building when he stepped up there and everyone was waiting to see him just air it out.”

While some things are hard to show without defenders present, teams are undoubtedly watching mechanics, effort and accuracy with a close eye. Levis likely did more than enough on Saturday to cement his status one of the top QBs available, regardless of how the rest of the QB group performs.