Will Levis is known for some bizarre food activities. The former Kentucky quarterback has been known to eat a whole banana without peeling it, and put mayonnaise in his coffee.

In a video on TikTok, Levis puts mayo in his coffee mug, then takes a drink. And for his caption, Levis wrote, “I have a very sophisticated pallet.”

Now the new Tennessee Titans quarterback has revealed his fantasy football league’s punishment from a league he’s been a part of for about 12 years.

“We try to get the loser to do something every year, we don’t always get them to do it, but it’s always a fun time,” Levis said, who added that he’s never finished last in the league.

The punishment? Levis said the loser had to eat a whole pack, or a dozen, uncooked hot dogs and go on Instagram to share.

“Eat them in front of everybody,” Levis said. “So we felt like that was a good one, but he didn’t man up and do it.”

As he transitions to the NFL, Levis will likely have to give up his fantasy football league, but given his history, another weird food development is around the corner.