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College softball is in the midst of the greatest transition in the sport’s history. The game no longer belongs to slap hitters. It belongs to the power hitters. Technology, year-round training and launch angles have joined forces to create a historic 2022, in which individual, team and league NCAA home-run records were shattered.

Jocelyn Also is the face of this power surge, but she is far from the only source. The young sluggers are here to stay.

Saturday Down South’s project “Launch Mode” explains how, in just 20 years, the game has forever changed.

Launch mode: The evolution of the modern-day slugger in college softball

Softball no longer belongs to the slap hitters. Home runs are all the rage. Records are being crushed, legends are being made. ... And there's no sign this power surge is slowing down anytime soon.

By Derek Peterson

How Jocelyn Alo became the face and force of softball's home-run revolution

In an age of home run hunters and stalwart swingers, Jocelyn Alo is the class of the competition because she was made to do this. "Strong lower half, strong core, she’s just a strong, strong young lady."

By Derek Peterson

How the best pitchers in America are dealing with softball's power surge

Home runs flew out of ballparks at a record pace in 2022. That’s fun for everybody — except pitchers. All-American Georgina Corrick explains how she and other aces deal with the power surge.

By Connor O'Gara

Meet Mia Williams: UF recruit, ultimate legacy and softball's Next Big Thing

Her dad is Jason Williams, aka White Chocolate. Her mom was a track star. Mia Williams is the best softball recruit in the country with skills compared to Alex Rodriguez. "When you see the kid play and you talk to her … she’s not just a celebrity’s child. This is a phenom."

By Connor O'Gara

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