LSU had a pretty unique halftime show that went viral during the Tigers’ home game against LA Tech on Saturday.

The Golden Band from Tigerland covered several theme songs from hit television shows like “Parks and Recreation,” “Game of Thrones” and “The Office.”

“The Office,” of course, seemed to be the crowd favorite, and videos of the performance even got a reaction from some of the cast members:

According to WBRZ, LSU has now extended invitations to the cast of “The Office” following the support they sent via social media.

LSU says that they will have an encore performance of their “Binge-Watch” halftime show on Oct. 20 when the Tigers take on Mississippi State, and they want the actors to join them in Baton Rouge.

It’s unclear if the cast will be able to make the trip, but it would be pretty wild to see the cast of “The Office” decked out in purple and gold rocking out to their theme song in Tiger Stadium.