Andrew Whitworth chooses who loves Joe Burrow more, the Tigers or the Bengals?

Andrew Whitworth joined Kay Adams on the “Up and Adams Show” to discuss Joe Burrow and how he relates to the LSU Tigers and Cincinnati Bengals.

The star quarterback is beloved by both organizations and fan bases, but Whitworth, who also played for the Tigers and Bengals, was asked to separate the 2.

“In LSU and Baton Rouge, he can’t do anything wrong, that’s for sure,” Whitworth said. “But I’m going to go with the Bengals. Because when you think about it, LSU has won some championships, had some success over the last 20 years. In Cincinnati, this guy walked in, and in no time at all, takes them to the Super Bowl. Even though they didn’t win it, the opportunity to compete every year is something he’s going to give them because he’s a rare, rare human being. His ability to compete and make the guys around him better is so special. I’m a huge Joe Burrow fan.”

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Keith Farner